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Genuine craftsmanship, timeless elegance.

Leksandsstolen - The Original

Seven slats at the back

A Leksand Chair brings the best of two worlds together – the clean elegance and style of Gustavian furniture from the 18th century and the demands for durability and functionality from the rural community. The original Leksand Chair was created by village furniture makers in the Siljansnäs region of central Sweden in the early 19th century. We now use modern technology in our manufacturing process to ensure a high level precision in every part of the chair. But our furniture makers, renowned for their craftsmanship, still assemble every chair by hand. It is a combination of these factors that give our chairs the durability they are famous for.

Seven slats at the back

The English influence in the late Gustavian period led to chair makers producing slatted chairs with curved, almost square backs and tapered, square legs. This kind of chair was first seen in Stockholm, but quickly spread to the rural communities. Its comfort helped it to become one of the most common chair models around, and a special model with seven slats at the back became known as the ‘Leksandsstolen’ (the Leksand Chair)…

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